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Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect

Many dogs that end up in shelters simply needed just a little training to overcome their issues. Others may have been dropped off through no fault of their own but end up having a hard time transitioning to a new home as they miss their original owners. Our goal with Practice Makes Perfect is to teach our fosters and adopters how to help understand their dog and others that may come across their paths. Instead of giving up on these dogs that may need just a little extra help, we have dedicated a significant part of our budget to be proactive in helping the dogs in our program so that when they get adopted they stay adopted! 

There are many facets of this program that will be updated over time, but if you'd like more information, please contact Stephanie at

When Peter was returned, he had a very hard time transitioning to a foster home. He was adopted out at 12 weeks out and returned at 2 years old with no confidence. Agility work helped Peter out of his shell by giving him a job and in return it gave him the confidence he needed to be the social butterfly he truly is!


Hanson is a very unique case with PFP. He is a 7-9 year old dog was improperly trained as a "bite work" dog before he came to us. We discovered in foster care that he connected very quickly to people, but immediately was confused if he should protect them or not. In order to give him his "job" and give Hanson the stability he craved, we sent him to a professional "bite work" trainer to undo the work he was improperly taught. Hanson now can be a family dog and we just require his adopters work with him to maintain that he has an outlet to allow his job and then go home and be a safe family dog.


Disclaimer: We do NOT recommend doing bite work training with a dog who is not a working dog. 


Our famous boy Saint is now a sanctuary dog. He will never be adopted but gets to live out his life in sanctuary. Saint came to us in one of the most catastrophic conditions we have ever witnessed for a dog. He spent time in foster care and did great but never fully trusted people, and we don't blame him after what people have done to him. For his first year with us, he was a grown dog living as the puppy he never got to be and didn't understand his new strength. He was adopted into a home and was essentially put through hell due to not being understood. Now, he lives with the wonderful trainer at Falkor and Rescue Friends and gets daily work like this. A little bit of mental simulation goes a long way! If you have a fear reactive dog please reach out the FRF. This is how Saint gets breakfast when it's nice out. It keeps his brain active and tires him out, because as we all know, a tired dog is a happy dog!

Disclaimer: Most have told us to euthanize Saint, but as you can see he is simply misunderstood and just needs people who will go at his rate because for him the learning never ends!

Donate to our rescue to continue helping us fund training for our more needy dogs!
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