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Fostering opens up a whole new world of possibilities, not only for the dogs but for the families that open their hearts to them...

- Stephanie Paluch, Founder

When you decide to foster, you are temporarily opening your home up to a dog in need who may otherwise have been euthanized. We have many teirs of fosters. The first is "revolving fosters" meaning they take on one or two dogs at a time and when that dog or dog(s) get adopted, they get ready for a new foster to keep to cycle of saving lives going! Another large part of our rescue is Vacation Fosters who do short term fostering. 

To foster for us, we currently require you be within an hour of Roselle, Illinois where our main vet is located. But if you live out of state or too far, there will be a rescue local to you that could use your help! 

To register to foster with us, please start by doing a "Foster Sign Up" linked below. This will give us a brief summary of who you are without wasting your time in case you are too far or may be a better fit for another rescue.

Meet Some of Our Foster Families

Players for Pits has over 70 approved foster homes, so take a moment to "meet" a few of them! Our foster families come in all shapes and sizes! From bachelors in the city, to families in the suburbs, everyone can help us save lives!

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