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We save a lot of dogs who have experienced abuse and other horrible situations, so we had our friends at Little Words Project help us create a bracelet with a meaning to honor them. To honor dogs like our Erin Andrews from last year with the embedded collar, Mama Mimosa this year who was abused with her puppies, and all of the others who have suffered at the hands of humans but had the true nature of a pit bull to keep going. That resilience inspires us every single day even in our own lives and this bracelet is for those who need a little bit of their courage for their daily lives.


With LWP, when you buy a bracelet it comes with a unique number on the tag. You can then register that number on their site, share your story, and become part of the “Nice Girl Gang”. If you decide you no longer need the bracelet, you can pass on it on to someone else who may need it. Over time you can track the bracelet and see who else its helped. We love this company and everything they stand for and we are so proud to offer this to now support Players for Pits, NFP.


All bracelets come in a beautiful burlap bag!


To learn more about The Little Words Project please visit their website:

Resilient Bracelet

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