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Full set of all of the necessary things you want to join a pack walk, or just make walking your dog a little easier! 

String Bag: Two-Toned grey and black sportpack, with a zippered enclosure in front (perfect for treats) and a side mesh pocket that fits the aluminum bottle.

Aluminum Bottle: These lightweight, durable bottles feature a screw on cap to easily add ice cubes, clean and refill, a push/pull drinking spout on top and a caribiner to attach to a bag if not putting it in the mesh pocket.


Pet Bowl: This large (7") collapsible pet bowl is made of silicone and has a 32oz capacity. It is easy to collapse and take on the go!

Poop Bag dispenser: Show your PFP pride with this plastic screw poop bag dispenser that comes with a clip to attach to your leash or bag. It comes with 20 bags, and fits most standard refill packs.

Pack Walk Package

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